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Kids LCD 8.5 Inch Digital Drawing Doodle Board Graphic Tablet

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Kids LCD 8.5 Inch Digital Drawing & Doodle Board Graphic Tablet
  • MUlTICOLOURED & EYE PROTECTED: ZIDIOR drawing tablet for kids has 8.5 inch colourful screen to enjoy writing and drawing. Eye Friendly lcd tablet can use as a graphic tablet and handwriting drawing board to inspire and unleash their creativity.
  • PUSH SENSITIVE: This kids drawing tablet will draw line different thickness based on how hard you push. if you like your drawing just press the lock button it will stay or unlock to delete with one touch button.
  • Moment of Choosing Best Gifts: Writing board design to keep them busy with their creation and learning practice with longer battery they can creates and deletes as much as they like without battery worries and make special gift for birthday and Christmas
  • PORTABLE & SAFE DESIGN: Our Kids Writing Tablet can easily fit in school bags and it makes much easier to carry them around also can carry on long car journey and drawing in there playroom
  • NEAT AND CLEAN DRAWING: This colors doodle pad draws bright and comfortable lines and also better for the environment because no paper needs throught the creative process. It also offers one click clear function to erase all the content on lcd tablet

kids drawing tablet

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🇮🇪   J. Mangan (Verified Purchase)

Thank You so much ! I can now sleep at night, my husbands snoring has reduced by 90 perecnt with the mouthguard

🇮🇪   Anita Truman (Verified Purchase)

Works for me! I bought this for myself as I snore in my sleep when I’m feeling stressed and under pressure at work. I have worn it for 3 nights now and my husband says that he hasn’t been woken up by my snoring. I was worried about it being uncomfortable and not being able to sleep but I had nothing to worry about, it is really comfy. Definitely worth giving it a try. A* from me and my husband.

🇮🇪   Margret Madison (Verified Purchase)

It fits very well I thought it would be uncomfortable to use, but it's ok after a few days. I am breathing my mouth and doing a great job to keep my mouth shut. It really works better than I imagined. We tried several things to try to prevent my husband from snoring, but it worked better. I can bear it sleeping in the same bed!

🇮🇪   Freda Fitzpatrick (Verified Purchase)

Super company . Service and speed of delivery is top class. We'll done. Eric you are a credit to business. Highly recommend this company

🇮🇪   Cliona Smith (Verified Purchase)

Absolutely incredible service, ordered Wednesday evening arrived Thursday morning, Thank you so much for this product and incredible service.

🇮🇪   Kate Wrafter (Verified Purchase)

Hi Eric, your customer service skills are just exceptional and for that reason alone I would highly recommend you and your business. I ordered on Wednesday night last and they arrived in the post on the Friday. Great also that you donate to the wonderful organization Pieta House, an organization that has helped so many. Thank you for you prompt reply and always answering any questions I’ve asked. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give you a 10 every time. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

🇮🇪   John Pen (Verified Purchase)

I have really liked the snore mouthpiece product and I have recommended it to a few of my friends and I want to say thank you for a simple and inexpensive way to solve my snoring problem. My family says I no longer snore happy nights thanks again. . 😊

🇮🇪   Patricia Murphy (Verified Purchase)

Have mine now 3 to 4 weeks. I really recommend them. . So glad I purchased them. Thank you saveandbuy. 😊

🇮🇪   Maryclaire Keogh (Verified Purchase)

they are an amazing product, I wouldn’t be without them. Thank you.

🇮🇪   Janice Jones (Verified Purchase)

100% life changing 🦶

🇮🇪   Suzy Sheehan (Verified Purchase)

They are brilliant . Thoroughly recommend. Great relief.

🇮🇪   Melinda Winders (Verified Purchase)

Ordered mine and received them in the post this morning and put them on straight away feeling relieved already and pain free highly recommend this company fantastic 👏

🇮🇪   Yvette O Brien (Verified Purchase)

Order these yesterday reciceved this morning put on straight away no pain amazing 👍👍

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Great products with prompt delivery and excellent customer service. Thanks Eric, you were a pleasure to deal with!

🇮🇪   Theresa Doyle (Verified Purchase)

Ordered than last Tuesday came on Wednesday. They are great 👍👣

🇮🇪   Jacintha Kelly O Hanlon (Verified Purchase)

I ordered several items from sports zone and they were delivered in 24 hours. It is an excellent company very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

🇮🇪   Bernie Walsh (Verified Purchase)

Excellent service Eric was very helpful and I got delivery within two days.

🇮🇪   Annette Mcdevitt (Verified Purchase)

Great on line Assistance, With a very swift response to a question I posted after complete an order They then Adjusted my order as requested on line And I’m looking forward to Receiving my products in the next few days So far very impressed 👍😁

(Verified Purchase)

Have just bought a second set they great.

🇮🇪   Lorraine O Sullivan (Verified Purchase)

Very good. Immediate relief.

🇮🇪   John Dempsey (Verified Purchase)

Thanks to Eric from Sportszone for dealing with my issue this week.I would highly recommend this company for its fast delivery,professionalism and most of all excellent customer service 👍

🇮🇪   Christy Gorman (Verified Purchase)

Great Irish company to deal with

🇮🇪   Hazel Cahill (Verified Purchase)

Hi ordered mine on Tuesday the 12th got them the next day wore them straight away very happy I’ve bought a lot of products don’t seem to be helping I will definitely be ordering a few more pairs 👍

🇮🇪   Linda Fitzpatrick (Verified Purchase)

What a great Irish business, really quick delivery, great communication, I would highly recommend!

🇮🇪   Jennifer Twomey (Verified Purchase)

Hi Eric I got mine today they are fantastic.

🇮🇪   Linda Cuddigan (Verified Purchase)

Got mine only ordered them Sunday night fantastic service 💜💜💜💜

🇮🇪   Lauren Johnson (Verified Purchase)

We have received our purchase and my mam is delighted - Your customer service is brilliant we will defiantly be ordering again.

🇮🇪  Katie Rowland (Verified Purchase)

I got my set and love them. Instant relief

🇮🇪  Darach Johnson (Verified Purchase)

Ok. I was very sceptical buying these. Within minutes of popping them on the relief was unreal.

🇮🇪  Debbie Pierce (Verified Purchase)

Great Customer service. Fast Delivery

🇮🇪  Yvonne Deaton Tighe (Verified Purchase)

I’ve been using them for 2 weeks now - the difference is amazing!

🇮🇪  Sharon Nolan (Verified Purchase)

Warp speed delivery and excellent customer service!

🇮🇪  Rachel Coffey (Verified Purchase)

What more can I say amazing product, pain completely relieved👍

🇮🇪  Teresa O Reilly (Verified Purchase)

Best ever 👍

🇮🇪  Amanda O Rourke Hogan (Verified Purchase)

Fantastic service 😀😀😀!

🇮🇪  Nora Boylan (Verified Purchase)

They are fantastic!! Can't believe the difference they make!

🇮🇪  Caroline Bradley Rogers (Verified Purchase)

I received mine last week so I have had a week to see if its work and OMG the difference is incredible 😉. Highly recommend.

🇮🇪  Maeve Parkinson (Verified Purchase)

Great Service. very responsive to queries 5 *

🇮🇪  Adriana Vykukalova (Verified Purchase)

Fantastic product, fast delivery, I have got my shue pads very quick in a few hours, 😉 solid company, very nice approach of Mr. Eric, plus your purchase can help someone in need ( donation to help someone in distress). Thank you again Mr. Eric

🇮🇪  Anne Hackett (Verified Purchase)

I got another 2 sets . There fantastic .And the delivery service is fast

🇮🇪  Melissa Moloney (Verified Purchase)

The website is really easy to use and the order is delivered very quickly. saveandbuy provides excellent customer service and, most importantly, the products work. I'm now a repeat customer!

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Great company to deal with,prompt delivery as promised and easy to talk too 👍🏻👍🏻

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Very fast and efficient service. Great product at a very good price. Thanks Eric for all the help and I certainly would highly recoommend your company

🇮🇪  Thomas Byrne (Verified Purchase)

It's a good place to shop

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